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Bishop Payne Library
Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Book Donations

Donating Books to Bishop Payne Library

Thank you for your interest in donating books to the library. Our capability to accept donations depends on the quantity, subject matter, and condition of the books, as well as staff capacity to process them. Some books may be suitable as additions to the collection if they match the needs identified in our Collection Development Policy. Others may be best suited for our ongoing book sale, where we offer relevant titles to students as they build their personal theological libraries.

All donations require prior permission from the Head Librarian. We are not able to accept walk-up donations made without an appointment or approval.

If a donation is accepted, the donor must sign a form that indicates the books are given without restriction. Packing and delivery are the responsibility of the donor. Appraisal or valuation of the gift should be obtained by the donor beforehand. The IRS prohibits the recipient of a gift from appraising the gift.

To inquire about donating your books, please email Please send a short description of the books, their condition, and number. We may ask for photographs of the books to quickly evaluate their suitability. Library staff are unable to visit a potential collection in person before donation.